Of The HairBank

In the summer of 1983, I was on my way to a client to style her hair for a very important event at the garden party at Buckingham palace. I stopped at the traffic lights at the top of church road, looked to my left, and there it was; a new sign going up for leasing. As soon as I saw it, my gut instinct was…that’s the place for me!

And this is how I came across number 8 church road 30 years ago.

It was an empty unit the first day I walked through the door. Originally a material shop before we opened, once owned by a lady called Mrs Dobson. Before that, it was apparently a dry cleaner’s called the four seasons for those of you who can remember.

It took Mike (my husband) and his Dad 3 months to completely gut it and decorate the place. When finished, we finally opened in the October, and waited for my first client to walk through the door.

Oh how the times have changed since then!

The name of the salon came from the fact that Urmston was classed as a village. And as hairdressing is an art and a skill, I ended up with Village Hair Craft.

Urmston was a tiny village over 100 years ago. Then along came the train track that brought in a lot more business and accommodation, which grew into a small middle class town.

It’s had many changes in the last 30 years since I have been in business, from being a bustling little town with a humble market and every different type of business you could need to the new development in the centre of Urmston which has created many changes in the community even though a lot of the original independent shops have gone, it still remains busier than ever.

As I never do things by halves, I wanted a new challenge, a chance to show off what I and my staff are capable of. We have needed a bigger salon for a while now as business is booming so when I came across the old HSBC bank I thought this is perfect.

When we first got the keys it was a concrete block inside but after all the hard work and input from us and the builders we have got it exactly how I imagined it would be, a stylish exclusive 5* salon.

Born The Hairbank 2013

The HairBank