The HairBank

I was recently asked the question, what has made The Hairbank salon so successful? My answer, hard work, communication and vision!

The first part of our success has come from the 30 years at Village Hair craft learning from our mistakes and successes. We could only move forward in the understanding that it’s true team work and excellent training that makes us so special.

The other part of our success is from the beautiful salon we have the pleasure to work in everyday, and also being finalist in many awards over the last few years. This has enabled us to show case our talents and grow in personal confidence to push all our boundaries.

After a very exciting, successful and fulfilling 3 years at the Hairbank, it is time now to look ahead at what we would like to develop and achieve for the future success of the salon. We seem to of naturally fallen into a Bespoke salon that can offer every single customer that walks through our salon door a unique service.

Consultations are all about focusing on the person sat in front of us. We look at face shapes, lifestyle, skin tones and listen to wants and needs.

We also offer a very special service what we call Colour mapping and placement. We have acquired these skills from our Colour Mastery and Cutting Mastery courses which gives that little extra special service to our clients.

With our ever expanding team, training and learning is extremely important to keep us up to date with the very latest trends and focus’ the team to keep the unique formula that makes us so special.

Soon we will be offering a complete service of hair, make-up and nails. So if your having a day or night out, you will be able to leave the salon feeling fabulous head-to-toe and ready to go. We have lots of events, evenings and fundraising planned for the year ahead, so watch this space!

I truly love coming to work and consider myself a very lucky woman that I work with people that I respect and enjoy being with, even outside of the salon. I want us all to reach our individual goals in life and keep pushing the boundaries we all give ourselves. But most of all be happy at work!

Thank you everyone all for your support!

The HairBank